Legal Headline News – 10/4/2010

Legal Headline News – 10/4/2010

The Supreme Court began a new era Monday with three women serving together for the first time, Elena Kagan taking her place at the end of the bench and quickly joining in the give-and-take.

The court was considering the case of the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas, whose anti-gay protests have targeted the funerals of fallen soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Information on Steven Hayes Trial being charged with the killing of 3 family members in Connecticut.

Pastor Eddie Long and his accusations.

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Jailbreaking? It’s LEGAL… Apple Filing Patents

You heard me, it’s legal. Also Justin Long is gonna be in trouble with Steve Jobs! Watch this special edition of Trixmasta Talks Tech to find out the news.

Alright, alright- before you start ranting “OLD NEWS buddy!”, you have to understand that each TTT episode consists of multiple news relating to the subject. Even though this news is somewhat 3-4 weeks old, it has other *recent* news too. Please understand that, thanks.

Song in the Intro and Outro- “So Gone” Lil Wayne Remix (search on youtube)

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NYIT’s LI News Tonight: Legal Job Site

A new website helps people in the legal profession find jobs as Elizabeth Zumba reports for NYIT’s LI News Tonight.

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Iraq’s Killer No.1: Americas Handicap of Learning Foreign Language & deficiencies of Others Culture

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Long Term Care Options–PPA News Network

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I’m sorry to say, there’s no simple answer to the question of whether you should buy long-term care insurance. Clearly, different circumstances call for different solutions. To give this subject the attention it deserves, I’ll start here and continue with a series of four more posts, published every Monday, that delve into this critical topic.

You’ll need to consider getting long-term care insurance in advance of the time when you can no longer complete ordinary, daily living activities such as bathing, using the bathroom, preparing your own meals, and following medical directives — including taking prescription drugs. Paying for help with these activities can be very high. Addressing the threat of potentially ruinous long-term care expenses could be one of the most difficult challenges facing you in your retirement years. And while long-term care insurance may not be the answer for everybody, I strongly advocate that everybody needs to have a strategy to address the threat of long-term care expenses.

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How to Determine the Length of Your CA Personal Injury Case by San Diego Injury Law Firm

In this video, San Diego Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane explains the uniqueness of every personal injury case. The length of your personal injury case can be unpredictable, since it depends on three factors. Watch this video to learn more.

The three factors that differentiate your case include: how long your body takes to heal from an accident, how long your doctors take to complete their medical findings, and how long it takes your attorney to communicate the medical findings to the insurance company for review.

Because every injury is unique, each case takes a different amount of time. For example, someone who needs immediate surgery will have a medical timeline that differs from someone who will need surgery down the road.

You would be wise to hire an experienced injury attorney who can make sure that insurance companies review all of your medical evidence in a timely manner. Once you are released from medical care, your attorney will send a comprehensive demand to the insurance company. After this action has been taken, your attorney will have a better idea of how long your case will take.

Call Mark C. Blane, a San Diego injury attorney, at (888) 845-6269. He will provide you with a free legal evaluation and relay your options. You can also visit our website to view other informative and free resources. Website: Hablamos Español.

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