My World Plus, Home Based Global Business Network
They say working traditionally is basically finishing High School and getting a job, or finishing college and pursuing a career. One way or the other, you’ll probably work until your 65.

Others say a Home Based Business Network is the way of the the future.

My definition of a Business Network, is simply taking a good idea and passing it on. I’ll give you an example, what would you prefer work 40 hrs. and make $300.00 a week or work 15 to 20 hrs. and make $3.00 on 3000 or 30000 of your down line associates.

You do the math.

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Clive Boustred lays the foundations for taking
back OUR Republic from the Criminals who sit
as Judges running a business.

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Long Term Care Options–PPA News Network

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I’m sorry to say, there’s no simple answer to the question of whether you should buy long-term care insurance. Clearly, different circumstances call for different solutions. To give this subject the attention it deserves, I’ll start here and continue with a series of four more posts, published every Monday, that delve into this critical topic.

You’ll need to consider getting long-term care insurance in advance of the time when you can no longer complete ordinary, daily living activities such as bathing, using the bathroom, preparing your own meals, and following medical directives — including taking prescription drugs. Paying for help with these activities can be very high. Addressing the threat of potentially ruinous long-term care expenses could be one of the most difficult challenges facing you in your retirement years. And while long-term care insurance may not be the answer for everybody, I strongly advocate that everybody needs to have a strategy to address the threat of long-term care expenses.

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