Why Prohibition? – Cannabis in Canada

Jeff Stewart asks the question Why Prohibition? in a documentary on the legal status of Cannabis in Canada. To get a copy of the full version contact the filmmaker at Soal.Jack@gmail.com. This film was produced at NUTV at the University of Calgary in 2004. for more info on cannabis culture go to www.cannabisculture.com

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Duration : 0:10:56

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Ward Churchill refuted by law professors on 9th Amendment

Two law professors with world-renowned credentials in academic freedom cases, J. Peter Byrne of Georgetown University Law Center, and Frederick Schauer of the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, call University of Colorado Ethnic Studies professor Ward Churchill’s claim that the 9th Amendment supercedes the 1st Amendment as without any legal merit. (Filmed at the 13th Ira C. Rothgerber Jr Conference at the CU-Boulder School of Law on Feburary 4, 2005. The conference was titled “Horowitz, Churchill, Columbia — What’s Next for Academic Freedom.”

Duration : 0:5:6

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