Legal News Headlines 5/18/2010

Supreme Court rules against life in prison for juveniles

GM earnings up 40 percent

BP makes progress capturing leaking oil

Detroit police officer accidentally shoots and kills 7 year old girl

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Prostitution Is Legal In Canada


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Trend Pushes Us into Horrors, Omitting International Law is Dangerous
Before I make the follow-up video to the 9/11 Tiles for America Memorial video, I have to comment on a trend that pushes us closer to having to build more memorials to future victims of horrors which we have an obligation to prevent. The trend of ignoring the rule of law when discussing potential military actions.

There are enormous advantages and benefits to having a civilized society so we must demand our right to have a civilized society and call out those who ignore constitutional law. Public discourse should reenforce civilized society not constantly work against it.

The rule of law is the foundation of a civilized society. Omitting the illegality of a specific military action you are discussing undermines efforts to keep our society and politicians civilized.

What they are discussing, Israel or the US bombing Iran, would be a war crime. That should be said every time this insanity is discussed.
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