Legal Headline News 09/28/2010

First Five soldiers accused of killing Afghan civilians. Convicted Murderer Teresa Lewis first woman since 2005 to be executed by lethal ejection. Andrew Thomas Gallo convicted for murder. Real Estate Prices unchanged from last year. Record Bank failures.
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Legal Headline News – 10/4/2010

Legal Headline News – 10/4/2010

The Supreme Court began a new era Monday with three women serving together for the first time, Elena Kagan taking her place at the end of the bench and quickly joining in the give-and-take.

The court was considering the case of the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas, whose anti-gay protests have targeted the funerals of fallen soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Information on Steven Hayes Trial being charged with the killing of 3 family members in Connecticut.

Pastor Eddie Long and his accusations.

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