FEMA’s Executive Orders

OK well i really don’t fear the FEMA build up much at all till crap happens and FEMA needs to act.
i believe in protecting America both inside and abroad. Think of FEMA like this: if something happened weather it be biological, chemical, or anything, in a town or city neighborhood, Do you all think FEMA wont try to contain´╗┐ the area At All costs, help those who may survive, and remove bodies and clean it up if they can! There would be unrest, when people told they cant go home or cant see there sick loved ones at all Ever not even an earn of ashes!its sad for me to say it so harshly but its what I believe FEMA is there for and may act like if there “God for bid” was a problem!this is just my logical understanding of what an emergency response system is for!

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Matriarchy – How We Fell – Know Thy Self pt.2/11

An interview on blogtalk radio

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