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The 2010 Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute is featured on ABC.

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Viacom vs YouTube Fails Video Two Fail Toys Review and News Report by Mike Mozart

(Viacom Owned Gametrailers Reviewer BANNED Link! )

Viacom CLAIMED PUBLICLY to have taken down 160,000 TOTAL copyright infringing clips uploaded to youtube. ( Depending on the Source either 100,000 or 160,000)

BUT WHY is the Viacom Corporation only seeking A Billion Dollars for just 63,000?

Why is Viacom NOT claiming the other nearly 100,000 OTHER Removed clips in the Legal Case Against YouTube?

Did Viamon take down almost 100,000 of YouTube Users Copyrighted or Fair Use Clips Falsely? Did Viacom realize AFTERWARDS that IT could NOT seek damages for those nearly 100,000 clips because those Clips were not Viacom’s Property or were Fair Use??

Viacom acted as Judge Jury and Executioner of these Removed Clips. Now the Public Cannot view these Clips to Judge for Themselves. Viacom is Using the Law to Hide what they have done.

Viacom admitted only 60 to 70 “Accidental Take Downs” to the press “A mere Handful” and “Insignifigant Amount”. There should have been NO Accidents. Viacom needed View EACH Clip FIRST then Determine under penalty of Perjury if it Infringed Viacom’s Copyrights. NOT ONE should have been Accidental.

Viacoms Public Statement Already is an admission of a serious Crime and Perjury commited against YouTube users. YouTube users are people mostly KIDS with Rights equal to Your GIANT Corporation Viacom. Each error created an innocent Victim!

The YouTube Community represents NEARLY All of Viacom’s Entire Target Market that Actually spends Good Money to WATCH Paramount Movies, MTV Movies and Buy your Spongebob and Dora Products!

Your Random, Flawed takedown Procedure was nothing less than criminal against the YouTube Community, Crimes Against Kids!

The YouTube Community has Questions

YT Legal Team, Look at this Comment by RyuDarragh, again Viacom can’t Identify their OWN Content!

They’re all clueless. I mean, seriously clueless. Even other companies, like Paramount, are susceptible to this kinda idiocy. DreamWorks Animation posted a clip to their own, official, YouTube channel from “How to Train Your Dragon” – and Paramount_vfp, the distribution company, has apparently filed a DMCA against it. You’d think that would never happen, but these snakes will indeed bite the hand that feeds them, so it’s no surprise Viacom is not too bright here 😛

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Viacom Bites, Viacom vs YouTube 3rd News #ViacomFails @JeepersMedia by Mike Mozart

GREAT NEWS! A Fan Received a Response from Viacom PROMISING to NEVER Sue a YouTube User. Now the OTHER Questions! The Continuing Saga of Viacom vs YouTube News Report video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on YouTube. Viacom Bites is the Third installment! Use the links below to file a complain with YOUR STATES Attorney General’s Office ( Link to Page with EVERY State Attorney General.
State Attorney Generals for YOUR STATE Link Here!

Link to Federal Trade Commision File a Complaint Page.
Federal Trade Commision, the FTC

Link to the FCC to ask if these practices were acceptable to advertise VIACOMS Broadcast Television Programming.
Contact the FCC

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