4409 — Pearce grants Amnesty to Law Enforcement


This video is NOT anti-cop, its pro-peace officer.


Russell Pearce claims law enforcement acts on our behalf and this is why they deserve infinite amnesty from prosecution and civil suits.

Why stop there Russell, lets just make EVERY government employee that works on our behalf immune from prosecution and indemnified.

Why should cops, prosecutors, and judges be the only ones above the law? I would love to see the clerk at the DMV running amock with immunity. How about the metro bus driver?


FIFTH AMENDMENT — ‘No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or — PROPERTY –, without due process of law.

Russell claims that any case you bring against a cop is frivolous and his legislation is the judge and jury on this issue.


I will admit, I don’t quite trust law enforcement with this power because I am personally familiar with malicious arrests and prosecutions and I will guarantee this power will be abused.

There are so many issues with this bill the I could rant for 2 hours.

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Legal Headline News 09/28/2010

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more at http://lbnnews.com

Duration : 0:2:45

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