How can i use case law to win my case?

I am going to trial in a few weeks and I need to know how to go about introducing a case to the jury. I’ve never been to trial before and I need some advice. If you are using case law you are presenting your arguments to the court, not the jury. But the basic […]

Long Trail Of Mesothelioma Legal Cases

Just have a look on the facts and figures and a predictable estimation of the Mesothelioma legal cases alone in America. The figures touched the height of 90000. These were the number of lawsuits filed against the asbestos industries and other such causes for compensation by those who suffered from Mesothelioma in 2002. Now just […]

Valparaiso University School of Law – Prof. Ivan Bodensteiner

Professor Ivan Bodensteiner of the Valparaiso University School of Law shares his thoughts on Constitutional Law, the Supreme Court and related issues.

Duration : 0:5:17

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Executive orders what are the limits?

I understand what an executive order is, but how far can a president take it? What are the limits and authority allowed? Can it be revoked? They can go so far as to be an entrance to war, like Clinton did with Kosovo, but there are no limits, per se. Article 2 of the Constitution […]

What Are the Legal Requirements of the Lemon Law?

Manufacturers have for years been putting out false propaganda that a consumer does not have a lemon law claim unless he or she has four repair attempts for the same defect within the first 18,000 miles. This is simply incorrect. It is an effort by car manufacturers to discourage otherwise worthy consumers from pursuing claims […]

Carl Miller Constitutional Law Part 1

Carl Miller shows how to use your Constitution to defend yourself in court and get your rights protected.

Duration : 0:9:59

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Will Landmark 1954 Brown V. Topeka Kansas be Overturned?

In 1896, the Plessey v. Ferguson court decision established the “separate but equal” doctrine, allowing that it was legal and fair to separate public school students by race and color as long as the education given was “equal”. As history has shown, the education was seldom fair or equal. Thus, in 1954 the landmark court […]